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Submit check Result with the Action Url button?

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  • Submit check Result with the Action Url button?

    Hi everyone,

    My centreon gets snmptraps if some error on a device happens. Let's say a fan is defective, an FanError Trap changes the Service "checkFan" to CRITICAL.
    If there is no Trap defined to set it to OK again when the Fan is Ok, the service will stay Critical until i set it to OK by hand, with the Submit result for this Service option in the Service detail. This is far to much clicking, the only solution to make this easier is to add an action URL to the Service which would submit an check result of OK the the service, so i dont have to go into service details, clock in submit result and enter the details there.
    But i can't figure out if this is even possible. Can someone think of an URL-String that would trigger such an action?
    Sure, i coult defina a dummy-check which runs every 2 hours and set the service to OK automatically, but that is not an option.

    So, i am open for any ideas...