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Alarme Sonore

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  • Alarme Sonore

    ca existe sous oreon 1.2.3 ??les alarmes sonores !!

    Intel(R) Bi P3 CPU 2 GHz - Mem : 512 M
    Fedora Core 4 - Nagios 1.2 - Nagios Plugins 1.4.1 - Oreon 1.2.2RC3

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    Va faire un tour à la fin du fichier cgi.cfg sous nagios, il y a des parametres à modifier relatifs à des sons
    # These options allow you to specify an optional audio file
    # that should be played in your browser window when there are
    # problems on the network. The audio files are used only in
    # the status CGI. Only the sound for the most critical problem
    # will be played. Order of importance (higher to lower) is as
    # follows: unreachable hosts, down hosts, critical services,
    # warning services, and unknown services. If there are no
    # visible problems, the sound file optionally specified by
    # 'normal_sound' variable will be played.
    # <varname>=<sound_file>
    # Note: All audio files must be placed in the /media subdirectory
    # under the HTML path (i.e. /usr/local/nagios/share/media/).



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      nan nan mais peut etre sous nagios :arrow:
      Julien Mathis
      Centreon Project Leader |


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        Found something cool:
        The best one is the on for firefox:

        But it would be really nice if centreon had built in audio. It should not be that hard to implement....
        CentOS 5.5 x64 / Nagios 3.2.2 / Centreon 2.1.10
        Monitoring: 467 Hosts / 2109Services 16th Server
        NdoUtils 1.49,NagiosPlugins 1.4.14, NagVis 1.5.1, Distributed Architeture(howto)

        Nagios/Centreon Custom Scripts / Troubleshooting