Security Patch Release for vBulletin Cloud

The vBulletin team annonce us that they will reset all password due to security issue:

"A security issue has been reported to us that affects the current version of vBulletin. We will apply the necessary patch to your vBulletin Cloud site and nothing is required from you. Users will have to reset their passwords the next time they log on".

Best Regards,

The Centreon forum administration team
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a AND or a OR plugin

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  • a AND or a OR plugin

    Good afternnon,

    I want create logical rule with two check. for example i want merge a database and a http check.
    Somethink like this:

    logicalcheck -AND -H1 <Hostname1> -C1 <CheckName> -H2 <Hostname1> -C2 <CheckName>
    logicalcheck -OR -H1 <Hostname1> -C1 <CheckName> -H2 <Hostname1> -C2 <CheckName>

    if the database check AND the website OK --> Check OK

    i want create a specific view for non IT user and talking about application name and not with an IT language.
    If someone have something like this or a walk around. :wink:

    Many thanks,

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    you can use the check_ckuster