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a AND or a OR plugin

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  • a AND or a OR plugin

    Good afternnon,

    I want create logical rule with two check. for example i want merge a database and a http check.
    Somethink like this:

    logicalcheck -AND -H1 <Hostname1> -C1 <CheckName> -H2 <Hostname1> -C2 <CheckName>
    logicalcheck -OR -H1 <Hostname1> -C1 <CheckName> -H2 <Hostname1> -C2 <CheckName>

    if the database check AND the website OK --> Check OK

    i want create a specific view for non IT user and talking about application name and not with an IT language.
    If someone have something like this or a walk around. :wink:

    Many thanks,

  • #2
    you can use the check_ckuster