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Issue managing host in Centreon

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  • Issue managing host in Centreon

    Hello everybody,

    I have a problem since few days with adding or removing hosts in Centreon.

    I'm explaining, when I want to add a host to Centreon, either with CLAPI or the web interface, the host is added to the "configuration" menu and I can see it when I browse into configured hosts but I can't see it in the monitoring panel once the configuration applied.

    I have the same problem when trying to delete host, it doesn't appear anymore in the configuration panel but still does in the monitoring panel.

    I tried :
    1- restarting and reloading everytime with the export of the configuration but it didn't change anything.
    2- look at the logfiles to see if there is any error but they didn't show anything strange.
    3- tried to repair the database but it didn't solve the problem

    I don't know where else to search to solve this problem.
    i'm using the latest Centreon version (v. 2.8.24) with everything up to date.

    Thanks for your help !