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Broker and Centreon are extremely slow

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  • Broker and Centreon are extremely slow

    Hello, I come to you hopeless about the state of my Centreon

    I have a 3000 hosts, 14000 services Centreon, and the things looks like it's dying.
    Lately, every morning the web GUI displays a orange warning on the poller icon, and a red one on the database one. The poller tooltip says it's not running, but in the configuration tab, the poller is marked as running. The logs on the server seem normal at the time, and everything seems connected. Also, when the situation looks like this, there isn't a single check that works. Centreon is supposed to check my services every 15mn, and this morning some checks went back to 13 hours ago.
    Also, my server is always on a very very heavy load, usually around 5, and can go up to 14 (according to htop). It's running in a VM, well equipped with 8 cores and 32Go RAM.

    After a server reboot (In doubt...) the different services of my broker displayed in their logs that localhost:5669 or localhost:5670 were disconnected. However, after 30mn or so, everything seemed to go back to normal, the checks go through again, and my broker's logs do not display the errors.

    I don't want to reboot my Centreon every morning and spend 1 hours praying for it to come back alive after it. If anyone has ever experienced something similar, I'll gladly accept your help.
    Also, if I'm not posting on the right section feel free to put that were it belongs I'm also available for any needed infos such as logs, conf files, and so on.

    For my versions, I think my Centreon is running 2.8.22 and my Broker 3.0.0 ? I did not install it, and the person who did did not document anything, so I'm struggling on that as well.