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Centreon Broker - invalid protocol header

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  • Centreon Broker - invalid protocol header


    I'm currently encountering issues regarding centreon broker.
    Here's a short drawing about how it is setup :

    Basicly i want to send the data through a proxy.
    I set up my poller to send data to my central through that proxy server that should send the data towards my server.

    But i see this in the logs (i have enabled every logging option)

    [1552487826] [0x7fcdfac89700] info: TCP: connecting to [proxy]:[port]
    [1552487826] [0x7fcdfac89700] info: TCP: successfully connected to [proxy]:[port]
    [1552487826] [0x7fcdfac89700] debug: BBDO: sending welcome packet (available extensions: TLS compression)
    [1552487826] [0x7fcdfac89700] debug: BBDO: serialized event of type 131073 to 38 bytes
    [1552487826] [0x7fcdfac89700] debug: TCP: write request of 38 bytes to peer '[proxy]:[port]'
    [1552487826] [0x7fcdfac89700] debug: BBDO: retrieving welcome packet of peer
    [1552487829] [0x7fcdfac89700] error: BBDO: invalid protocol header, aborting connection
    Can anyone help me on this issue ?

    Best Regards,