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Poller does not update

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  • Poller does not update


    Can anyone help with the steps of troubleshooting when a poller is not being updated?
    Normally on the Poller display, the incriminated poller is highlighted with a yellow box.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First thing to do is to look at the different log files (maybe in /var/log/centreon/, /var/log/centreon-engine/, /var/log/centreon-broker). Also, in the engine configuration in Centreon UI, you have a tab named “Debug” where you can activate debug logs.

    Is it a fresh installation or did it stop to work suddenly? Did you do a particular operation when it stopped updating? Did you check freespace on the poller ? on the central ?

    In case it’s a fresh installation, did you exchange centreon’s SSH key so the central may connect to the poller using this key?


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      Also, make sure you follow the steps described in the documentation