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Notification Escalation different profile User

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  • Notification Escalation different profile User

    Hi, I want to design a notification escalation in my center in which when the first critical alert, immediately send the notification to the profile user A (a single email, only one), after 5 min send another notification to the profile user B (a single email, only one), I have made several tests but they exist, the only one that worked is the following

    Notification Escalation 1
    - First Notification = 1
    - Last Notification = 3
    - Notification Interval = 1 (30sec)

    Notification Escalation 2
    - First Notification = 4
    - Last Notification = 6
    - Notificaction Interval = 1 (30sec)

    Anyone who can help me?



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    You need to associate the profile with the group of escalation. Also for your services you need to set the escalation group accordingly