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Configuration not exported to poller

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  • Configuration not exported to poller

    I have a Centreon running on v.18.10.0 with distributed architecture.
    Since that last update I can't push the configuration from the interface to the pollers ("Export Configuration")
    On the web interface it says that the export is sucessful, but there is no change in the poller configuration.
    The host.cfg remain unchanged from the updated fields ont the web interface and there is nothing showing up in the centengine.log.

    The ssh config is working fine since I can log from centreon@Central to centreon@Poller and execute commands.

    Poller and Central are in the same LAN, no filter applied.

    Edit : The checks that were already configured before the update are working great.

    What could be the problem ?

    Last edited by Nael; 10th December 2018, 17:39.

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    I have exactly the same problem. Did you managed to find the issue ?