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Hosts without services and difference between Base_Host_Alive and Base_PING_LAN

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  • Hosts without services and difference between Base_Host_Alive and Base_PING_LAN

    I use new Centreon 18.10. I'am little confused about difference between checking by Host and by Service.
    I check some servers, switches and WiFi APs.
    I created Hosts with command "base_host alive", no associated Services. It works well, but after every "export configuration", it shows me tons of warnings "Warning Host 'blablabla' has no services associated with it!" (for 50 hosts, 50 warnings).

    I have some questions:
    1) Checking only Hosts without associated Services - Is it possible and standard functional configuration? It shows me warnings "no service associated".
    2) When I create Host (base_host alive) and associate Service (base_PING_LAN, service without SNMP)), how it works? When is some server shutdowned, Is it Host error or Service error? Get I error message from Service or from Host? I do not understand the difference between host's "base_host alive" and service's "base_PING_LAN".
    3) Is limit for number hosts/services per one poller?

    Thank you.

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    Hello hlad01,

    1) Yes, you can check only hosts without services, but it's...stange. Generally, you will link an host template to others services templates, in order to create services's checks automatically. The debug message that you get when you generate the configuration is a warning, not an error.

    2) base_host_alive is the command associated to the generic-active-host in order to check the host; base_Ping_LAN is a service template associate to the base_centreon_ping command which make ICMP checks. The defauts thresolds are not the same between these commands.
    If your host shutdown, it will become down and its services will become unreachables, so you will be notified by the host notification.

    3) According to the documentation, with a "standard" configuration (2 vCPU at ~3GHz / 2GB RAM) we recommand around 7k active services maximum. But this depend of you checks type.