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  • Monitor dataguard with Centreon

    Hello all
    Sorry if this question have been already asked.... But, I can't find any references.
    I'm Luis from Barcelona, I'm Oracle DBA, we use Centreon as main monitoring tool. I would like to get alarms if our Oracle dataguard get some syncro errors or gaps.
    I have the SQL query to check, I'm able to return 0 or 1 depending if the result is good (0) or bad(1). How / where can I add this check in centreon?
    I have zabbix knowledge, with Zabbix, you need to add a ODBC conector into the zabbix server, and then when you create your item you select "database check" and then you can paste the query.
    Is there any similare option here?
    Hope you can help.
    Thanks a lot
    Best regards