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Unable To Add Second Poller

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  • Unable To Add Second Poller


    I am currently setting up a Centreon system on site.

    Our current configuration is one central server and two remote poller.

    One poller we are able to connect to the central, but the second poller refuse to connect.

    I have configured the ssh key from the central to both poller.

    I setup the remote poller with the "Add server with wizard" button from the poller configuration page. and restarted the centengine on both the central and remote pollers.
    Second Poller issue.png

    On the remote poller 2, when I check the centengine status, all service is in unknnown state.
    Remote Poller 2 centengine status.png

    Please help me to connect the second poller.

    Thanks in advance
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    May we have the version you're working with? Were you able to determine the cause for the issue yet? Maybe it has to do with 5669(or another?) port not being remotely accessible from the remote poller?