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SNMP Traps sent by SNMPTrapGen

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  • SNMP Traps sent by SNMPTrapGen

    Hi everyone, Iím trying to let Nagios receive an SNMP Trap sent by SNMPTrapGen.exe.

    I used this guide on the FAN site (I'm using FAN):
    but I didnít know what MIB file I had to load, so I didnít load any.

    On the SNMPTrapGen side, this is the command I ran:
    `SnmpTrapGen.exe -r:IP_add -to:.`
    Note that the used OID is a standard one, it gives the name of the server and it appears when I run a snmpwalk.

    I created a service SNMP_Trap_Receive as suggested on the guide and I linked it to the server I'm monitoring, but its status information is always empty while the Last Check is always N/A although I ran the snmptrapgen command several times.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thank you.
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