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[Help] - Can't get a working service with SNMP Traps

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  • [Help] - Can't get a working service with SNMP Traps

    Hi Everyone,
    First of all, sorry for many things : i'm new to CentOS, Centreon, Monitoring... and so other many things

    I recently intalled and configured a Centreon with hosts and active services, and everything is working fine.

    I would like also to monitore passively a NetApp disk Array.
    So I imported at first the NetApp MIB in Centreon
    Then, after creating my host, i created a service "Trap" and i check the "passive check" box
    And finally I get back to "snmp traps" and Generate the trap database

    And now when I force my NetApp to send a traptest, nothing happens

    I tried to follow as close as I could the documentation about traps but I probably did somehting wrong, or missed something.

    I would appreciate if someone can help me (I can try to explain it better, even French speaking)
    Thx everyone

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    Hey there ! IU don't give up !!!
    I made a TCPdump on my Centreon and i send a "test message" with snmp traps from my remote host I want to manage, the result is my Centreon is receiving correctly this trap.
    So the "only cause" of this non-working service is wrong parameters in this passive service / mib import etc... nothing with networking