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[Traps] trap service still in pending

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  • [Traps] trap service still in pending

    Hello, I am having trouble to get my traps monitoring work. Here what Iíve done so far :
    Also similar to the post

    The file /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf :
    disableAuthorization yes
    traphandle default su -l centreon -c "/usr/share/centreon/bin/centreontrapdforward"

    I donít have the file /etc/centreon/

    Iíve edited the SNMP traps :
    linkDown . Submit result checked
    linkUp . Submit result checked

    A service is configured :
    Linked with host : CentreonServer
    using generic-passive-service template
    having linkUp and linkDown define in Service Trap Relation.

    When the service centreontrapd is not running, files are stored.

    When we run the service centreontrapd, the files seem to be processed by Centreon as the folder /var/spool/centreontrapd/ is empty. However, nothing happens when I send a trap, the passive trap service created is still in pending state.
    All my test/configuration are done localy.

    Am I missing something?
    Thanks for your help.