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Migration Nagios to Centreon 18.10.0

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  • Migration Nagios to Centreon 18.10.0

    I have migrated the configuration of an old Centreon Server using the Nagios import function. This is working, however i`m stuck on getting the passive checks of windows VM`s running on the new machine.

    The NSC.ini client is configured using the following ports


    I think the former sysadmin changed the port but i`m not sure why. However I cannot find anything about NSCA and Centreon 18.10.0. What do i need to change to get things working like before. If possible without change all the clients

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    When executing commands, Nagios used to feed them to a shell for command-line like parsing. This feature does not seem to be used a lot and add an extra load on supervision servers that do not rely on it. As a consequence, mobdro the shell execution has been removed from the execution sequence. Users that wish to restore previous behavior must write a shell script that will call their original command. They will then replace the command in Centreon Engine with the shell script.
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      See here:

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