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  • 1.3RC3-1 Questions

    I've been working with Oreon for a few weeks now and have a couple issues I want to ask about before I file feature requests/bug reports.

    First, I have setup my hosts with SNMP community strings. Why can't service check command access the community string configured for the host? It would be nice if there were a $COMMUNITY$ variable in the "Modify a Command" page. Ami I missing something?

    Second, my email alerts don't give much information. the "Additional Info" fiels contains only a "$". It would be nice to have the "Status Information" in the email. I've also noticed missing line-feeds in the mails.

    Oreon is great! It may be the key application that convinces my bos to use an Open Source solution (i.e. Oreon/Nagios) over a multi-thousand dollar commercial product from Altaris.

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    I second your $COMMUNITY$ macro request ... may simply because I submitted it a time ago into the Suggestions forum...???

    In 2 words, I found on nagios-exchange a patch to enable this new macro into nagios:[p_view]=399

    I think the best solution should be to include this directly into nagios, not oreon...