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generation des fichiers de configuration nagios avec Oreon

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  • generation des fichiers de configuration nagios avec Oreon

    Salut je suis en train de configurer nagios avec oreon et je me trouve dans le point suivent
    quand j'exporte une configuration a nagios depuis l'interface grapique nagios mes dones des erreurs:

    Nagios 2.6
    Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Ethan Galstad (
    Last Modified: 11-27-2006
    License: GPL

    Reading configuration data...

    Error: Template 'Maquette-service' specified in service definition could not be not found (config file '/usr/local/oreon/filesGeneration/nagiosCFG/services.cfg', starting on line 20)

    ***> The name of the main configuration file looks suspicious...

    Make sure you are specifying the name of the MAIN configuration file on
    the command line and not the name of another configuration file. The
    main configuration file is typically '/usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg'

    ***> One or more problems was encountered while processing the config files...

    Check your configuration file(s) to ensure that they contain valid
    directives and data defintions. If you are upgrading from a previous
    version of Nagios, you should be aware that some variables/definitions
    may have been removed or modified in this version. Make sure to read
    the HTML documentation regarding the config files, as well as the
    'Whats New' section to find out what has changed.

    cgi.cfg - movement OK
    checkcommands.cfg - movement OK
    contactgroups.cfg - movement OK
    contacts.cfg - movement OK
    dependencies.cfg - movement OK
    escalations.cfg - movement OK
    hostextinfo.cfg - movement OK
    hostgroups.cfg - movement OK
    hosts.cfg - movement OK
    misccommands.cfg - movement OK
    nagios.cfg - movement OK
    resource.cfg - movement OK
    serviceextinfo.cfg - movement OK
    servicegroups.cfg - movement OK
    services.cfg - movement OK
    timeperiods.cfg - movement OK


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    plus precis

    le probleme est que oreon n'ecris pas les templates dans le fichier services.cfg

    Cooment faire??


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      Tes templates de services sont actives ?
      Ils n'ont rien de special qui te choquent ?
      A mon avis ne deplacent jamais tes fichiers tant que ton debug presente des erreurs.
      Romain Le Merlus
      Centreon Forge


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        man solution

        maintenent ša fonctione
        j'ai choisi au moment de generer les fichiers nagios:
        relation between elements "none"
        par contre je vois pas mes host dans l'onglet Monitoring ->Host , c'est vide, mes je vois mes hostgroup.