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  • ntop and php weathermap

    In the video on the new features of Oreon 1.4 I saw references and links to the tools ntop and php weathermap, but after upgrading my oreon 1.3.3 to 1.4 I saw no further references in my install.
    Could someone please point me to any installation information regarding the integration of the two mentioned tools? On the oreon page itself and on the wiki I didn't found any bit of information.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Good morning Jens,

    We will release Ntop at the end of the next week, and php-weathermap in two.. I hope so.
    We had lots of work with Oreon 1.4, and we don't finish packaging the two modules yet.

    In Oreon 1.4 there a module management (general options => modules) and we hope it'll be very simply for you to add them.. :-)
    Romain Le Merlus
    Centreon Forge


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      Ah, okay, thanks for the short info, so the video was just a short preview on that the things to come. I'm looking forward to test all the new stuff integrated in the new version, and as far as I have seen yesterday, the oreon team did a good job!


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        Any progression on the packaging?