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  • 0% in php-weathermap

    hi all,
    i installed php-weathermap moldule in a centreon
    I have made a map, and althought it shows me the bandwith graph if i place the mouse over the link, the percentage is still 0%. I have changed the default link bandwith to 10 M in both senses (in and out) and in link properties i have set maximun bandwith to 8M...
    to monitor bw i use centreon_chek_centron_traffic and i draw it using ODS...
    I have done something wrong?

    Thank you for the sure answer...

    Best wishes


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    you have graphs in ods ?
    Julien Mathis
    Centreon Project Leader |


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      yes i have them....

      should it work, then?


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        Hello all again..
        sorry for resend this querry again, but i don't know anyplace to find anymore..
        I am running a nagios 2.11, nagios plugins 1.4.11, centreon, nagvis 1.2 over a VMware image (fedora core 6) { it is my end of career project} everything works great, but php-weathermap doesn't do it as it is expected...
        i have read the file infos.txt and i am sure rigths are ok.
        - oreon/www/modules/php-weathermap/configuration/pwm-editor/weathermap.php have to be 'executable' by apache

        - oreon/www/modules/php-weathermap/configuration/pwm-editor/weathermap.php two macros (@[email protected], line 1 and @[email protected], line 26) are correctly replaced

        - Directory oreon/www/modules/php-weathermap/views/renderer have to 'writable' by apache.

        What doesn't work for me, is the background {i can't see anything, all i get is blank} and my laces are still 0% althought if i place over the lace i get a bandwith graph as i show you the file attached..
        and althoug the config file of my map is created correctly ( the file contains the path of the image of my background ) in the web interface it doesn't remember it ..( it switches to -NONE-)

        I have even intalled Dialog because i read about it..

        anyone could tell me if i am missing something or if there is a manual or url i should read?
        the directory where i should place my backgrounds, the rigths it should have... and so on

        any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

        Thanks again

        Un saludo
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          Maybe you should first try having good graphics with no hole in in.
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            oh, it is because i turn off my computer.
            i am working in a VMware image, but i do it in my computer... it is not a server... i stop ODS, that´s all. I am doing it for academical purposes, but i want to learn.... Do you see anything strange more?
            Thanks for your good-will