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Trouble to connect a remote server

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  • Trouble to connect a remote server

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to connect a remote server inside my company LAN to connect to our Central inside our Cloud. There is no VPN connection. So i use NAT, for now all ports are redirected.

    When i indicate the remote its role, i think nothing worry :

    Starting Centreon Remote enable process:

    Limiting Menu Access...Success
    Limiting Actions...Done

    Authorizing Master...Done

    Set 'remote' instance type...Done

    Notifying Master...Success
    Centreon Remote enabling finished.

    When i try to activate its registration on my central server, i found it in the waiting server, i indicate information about sql user and password and click next.

    It's here i have trouble, no poller is proposed, so i can't select anything.

    2018-11-09 18_29_21-Centreon - IT & Network Monitoring.png
    I don't understand why this append, is someone have an idea ?

    Best regards,
    Benoit LORAND
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