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Use Centreon geocoordinate in NagVis geoMap

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  • Use Centreon geocoordinate in NagVis geoMap

    Hello, i've readen that page who say we can get geocoordinate manully from a CSV file or automaticaly from the backend

    My question is if we can do that from the backend ? (maybe i've done something wrong, like misconfigure the backend because i got "The requested feature getGeomapHosts is not provided by the backend (Backend-ID: Central, Backend-Type: centreonbroker). The requested view may not be available using this backend." instead of a geoMap)

    If we can't, what the interest of set "backend" here ?

    Merci, je peux aussi expliquer en franšais vu la taille de la communautÚ !

    New in 1.7.4: It is also possible to set source_type=backend to use the backend set via backend_id to gather the list of hosts to be shown on the geomap and their coordinates. This is only possible when using the livestatus backend. It fetches all hosts from the backend and uses all hosts which have the custom object variables _LAT and _LONG configured. It is possible to filter the fetched hosts by the membership in a host group by setting the option filter_group to the name of the host group.
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    Can you tell me if it's possible to use this function, considering that i use Centreon for my host entries (name, geolocalisation...) and NagVis for retrieve thoses positions ?