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Web GUI shows Poller is not running

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  • Web GUI shows Poller is not running


    Our Centreon 2.6.6. on Centos 7 stop displaying hosts and services states after a server crash. Our architecture is very simple, everything is on one server.

    I go through many advises on forum, but I didn't find the one, which helps me.

    1) Centegine is running, checks are performing, /var/log/centreon-engine/centengine.log is filling with right events and no errors.
    2) Centreon broker module /usr/lib/nagios/ is loaded to centengine. It sends data to port 5699.
    3) Centreon broker is running. It's listening on port 5699. tcpdump shows communication from module to broker.
    4) Centreon RRD broker is running. It's accepting data from broker on port 5670.
    5) Centreon broker successfully writes event to mysql database as well as RRD broker fills RRD files.

    From GUI I can see
    - actual /Home/Monitoting engine statistics
    - any actual graphs through /Views
    - reports from /Reports
    - actual event logs from /Monitoring/Event logs

    But I have problem with
    - Configration/Centreon shows that pooler is not running
    - Monitoring/Hosts and Monitoring/Services is empty
    - Dashboard on top of web page displays zeros

    Any idea, where could be a problem?

    Many thanks

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    Hi podza,

    don't know if your problem still there, but check this previous thread, with another used we post a full debugging process :

    Hope this can help others


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      Thanks. It solved itself after several restart of broker and engine and disabling and enabling pooler in web.

      Thaks for link, it looks pretty nice.