I am trying to install a poller in a new machine, but Centreon shows that pooler is not running. The central server is running correctly. Both central server and remote poller are installed from the release 3.4 of CES.

I followed the remote poller setup in the documentation and can successfully SSH from the central server to the remote poller.
- On both central server and remote poller I have tried restarting the centengine, and have rebooted the servers.
- On the central server, the remote poller seems to respond to all poller management commands.
- Centegine is running, checks are performing, /var/log/centreon-engine/centengine.log is filling with right events and no errors.
- Centreon broker module /usr/lib/nagios/cbmod.so is loaded to centengine. It sends data to port 5699.
- Centreon broker is running. It's listening on port 5699. tcpdump shows communication from module to broker.
- Centreon RRD broker is running. It's accepting data from broker on port 5670.

I have also followed this thread dvises https://forum.centreon.com/forum/cen...er-not-running.

I have the same xml name in both Engine configuration and Broker configuration.
broker_module=/usr/lib64/centreon-engine/externalcmd.so /etc/centreon-broker/poller-module.xml
I am not able to solve this problem. I would be grateful if someone could help me with a solution!
Thanks in advance!