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Trying add new poller - problem

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  • Trying add new poller - problem

    Hi all,

    we have been trying to add new poller to Centreon. It seems that centreon engine running correctly, because the services from central (website) are in config files on the poller but on the website it writes that poller is not running. It seems that our problem is in centreon broker. We have been controlling most of the config files and compare with other pollers that is running. We have CentOS 7. All changes on Central relate to centreon engine seem correct because they are applied on poller too but no change relate to centreon broker is applied on poller. It seems that broker is not communicating or not running.

    In /var/log/centreon-engine/centengine.log we have something like this:
    Could not load module '/usr/lib64/nagios/': load library failed: /usr/lib64/nagios/ undefined symbol: _ZN6QMutex12lockInternalEv

    I add Central Input configuration, Poller output configuration, and poller.xml file

    Thank you for your reply, we do not know how to solve this. I hope that someone could know what to do.
    Have a nice day
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