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Centreon 2.7.4 / CES 3.3

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  • Centreon 2.7.4 / CES 3.3

    I inherited a Centreon 2.5.0 / Nagios Core 3.2.3 its such a mess and pushing 1TB. how ever the scripts to purge fail but when they do it takes 8 days to look at less than 8%

    anyway decided to build a CES 3.3 as it says it can import the cfg files. well i cannot see,m to find where. checked the forums and the web and it only talks of older versions and a CLAI module which you cannot install with CES 3.3 as its built into the centreon-web

    sorry to ask as new to centreonany help on this would be great i feel like im doing laps of the same information