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  • Comments and ACK to a file

    Hi all

    One little question. Is there any method to write comments and acknowledges in a file?

    We have a central server and several remote pollers deployed. Centreon (central poller) can't comunicate with the pollers, so the pollers have to copy any data/files that they need from the central server. The system works like a charm, but we have found a problem, when a user set a comment or an acknowledge in a service or host from the central console, the system don't work, but if we send the nagios command to the poller cmd, the poller update the database and the host/service, so we need to send those comments and acks to a file. Does anyone know how we could do that?

    I've been reading,,, and so on, but I didn't find anything (I am not a perl developer, in fact, i'm not a developer )

    Can anyone give any clue or some help please

    Thank you in advance.