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cant login with LDAP configuration Active Directory bring "no DN for user xxxxxxxxx"

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  • cant login with LDAP configuration Active Directory bring "no DN for user xxxxxxxxx"

    Hello , im having some problems with the LDAP authentication

    First a little resume of infraestructure and configuration of centreon LDAP

    Im using Active directory Windows running on 389 and secure port 636 (i try both with the same results)
    Centreon 2.7.8 on CENTOS

    The config of LDAP is:

    Enable LDAP authentication Yes
    Store LDAP password No
    Auto import users No
    LDAP search size limit 60
    LDAP search timeout 60

    Use service DNS No
    LDAP Servers 192.168.XXX.XXX
    Port 389

    LDAP Information
    Bind user
    CN=LECTOR\, LDAP,OU=Usuarios,OU=03-Grupos,DC=mpf,DC=gov,DC=ar

    Protocol version 3

    Search user base DN: DC=mpf,DC=gov,DC=ar
    Search group base DN: DC=mpf,DC=gov,DC=ar
    User filter: (&(objectClass=user)(samaccounttype=%s)(memberOf=C N=SECOperaciones,OU=01-Grupos Seguridad,OU=AMBA,OU=05-Usuarios,DC=mpf,DC=gov,DC=ar)(cn=*))
    Login attribute: samaccountname
    User group attribute: memberOf
    User displayname attribute: name
    User firstname attribute: givenname
    User lastname attribute: sn
    User email attribute: mail
    User pager attribute
    Group filter
    Group attribute: samaccountname
    Group member attribute: member

    I can import the users from the Users -> "LDAP Import" Button correctly but, when a try to login with AD credentials i recieve a "Your credentials are incorrect"

    If a look on the log: tail -20 /var/log/centreon/ldap.log

    LDAP AUTH : Conexion = CN..................... : : Success
    LDAP AUTH : OK, lets go !
    LDAP AUTH : No DN for user xxxxxxxxx

    i appreciate any help