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  • Decibel
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  • Decibel
    started a topic Graphs and special characters

    Graphs and special characters

    Searching around I could find some posts on this subject and some comment from years ago telling this is no longer an issue and has been fixed, however I'm suffering a lot with graphing and labels (metrics) with special characters and I'm not able to find an answer of solution for this.
    I'm on latest Centreon version (2.8.17) and I'm slowly trying to migrate and old FAN server that has been around for some years, but I'm stuck on this problem.
    I have several Windows hosts running NSClient++ sending passive check data on CPU/Memory and some other performance counters to Centreon and this is working fine however all memory/storage related counters are having issues to show their labels correctly on graphs when characters like % and # are present. The UI graph doesn't show these counters even if I click on the "i" control on the graph bottom right control. If I split the graph, the ones without special characters shows correctly but those with special characters show no labels. The exported RRD graph looks perfect (please see attached images).


    The exported graph shows perfectly.


    I hope you can see the images as they are resized and seems blurred after posting.

    Does anyone has a clue how to fix this?
    I really appreciate your help.