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Centreon Web Interface and HTTP/2

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  • Centreon Web Interface and HTTP/2

    Hi Guys,

    I am currently running Centreon Web UI through an NGINX reverse proxy server which uses HTTP/2 for client requests. When I try to use the UI, I get a loading screen and all of the menus don't work properly. I can't view any monitoring information. If I disable HTTP/2 on the reverse proxy, everything works fine. This has been baffling me for days, I don't see any reason why simply switching to HTTP/2 on the reverse proxy would break the web UI, but it does.

    Loading Screen: loading.PNG

    Any ideas?


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    Next time, please dont do duplicate of your post!


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      I use Squid as reverse proxy and it works like a charm.
      As on NGINX @ for help about the reverse proxy.