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UNKNOWN: SNMP GET Request : Cant get a single value

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  • UNKNOWN: SNMP GET Request : Cant get a single value

    Hello everyone, First of all, I want to make it clear that I am a beginner in everything related to supervision and that I am new here. I also apologize in advance for my approximate English. So I have a problem with Centreon to monitor windows servers and clients as well as linux servers. I was careful to activate the snmp client on the workstations, I also export the configuration quite often, I chose the models in relation to the OS of the hosts. I changed the community to iservices on both snmp and centreon clients. Some information for some PCs come back but not for all, so I do not understand where it can come from. I tried to change the version of the snmp community, etc. I am lost, and it is important for my training that it be functional as soon as possible. If a charitable soul could help me, I would be very grateful to him.