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How to interpret reports (Total time vs. Mean time)

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  • How to interpret reports (Total time vs. Mean time)

    Dear community,

    Can you please help me to clarify both uptime definitions? This is my case;
    I am creating a weekly or monthly report about some Host Groups (using the script of Felipe Ferreira, Thank you for the script Felipe, works like a charm!

    In this report, and also in the Centreon UI (web interface), there are 2 different uptime percentages. Total time and Mean Time.
    In my reports, the Mean Time indicator shows 100% up & running, while the Total time shows Up: 96.55 and Undetermined: 3.45

    The dates used in this report, are the past 30 days;
    Begin date: 02/06/2018 10:05:04 / End date: 01/07/2018 10:05:04 / Duration: 2505600s

    Can someone please explain me why there is an undetermined (3.45%) in the Total Time, and none in the Mean Time?
    When i generate a report for the past 30 days, it should only take the last 30 days in consideration, or is this a wrong assumption?

    Thanks for the support!

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