I have Centreon monitoring my servers and my network. Almost all processes and services I can normally monitor through SNMP, and the graph is displayed correctly. However, some processes I need to monitor by NRPE, creating a local script to do what I need (script itself, and it is running correctly). However, the graph of these monitoring is not being created. I've tried everything, checked the logs and only the message below appears:

==> centreon / rrdtool.log <==
[10/04/2019 09:09] RDDTOOL: initCurveList with selector = index_id = '13379'

From what I've seen, the metric files (123.rrd, for example) are not being created. The output of the local script is this:

Active Sessions 947 [status: OK] [name: Active Sessions] "

Does anyone know tell me if it is possible to create graphics through NRPE monitoring? Or is it possible to run a script through SNMP?

Thank you,