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  • Basic Questions About Oreon

    Pardon me if these questions are answered elsewhere, I'm having trouble locating current documentation in English, and my French isn't so good.

    I'm a long-time Nagios user and I've gotten instructions from the higher-ups that I need to come up with a prettier UI to display on a giant plasma screen in the NOC. The default Nagios interface isn't jazzy enough to impress clients, I guess.

    So, I stumbled upon Oreon and it looks like exactly what I'm looking for. I do have a few questions though:

    1. Will it work with my existing Nagios installation?
    2. It seems like Oreon has its own set of plugins. We use a wide variety of plugins including many custom plugins we've written ourselves. Will those work with Oreon?
    3. Where can I find documentation in English?



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    Welcome to you

    1- so, You can work with your nagios installation but I believe you must zip (in tar.gz) your nagios configuration files (/usr/local/nagios/etc) and you import this zipped package in Oreon.

    2-For plugins, you can use yourselves plugins (perl, bash, python, bin etc..)
    you can juste define in Oreon)

    3-You can find an English documentation (just one part) in oreon wiki:

    Ubuntu 8.04
    Nagios 3.2 + nagios-plugins-1.4.14
    Centreon 2.1.8
    centreon-syslog-frontend-1.2.1 + centreon-syslog-server-1.1