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Escalations on Service groups linked to Host group services

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  • mv08
    What about the status now? It seems the Bug still exists! I will use it the same way. Version 2.4.5

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  • AkHeNaToN
    Dans ta capture je vois 7 groupes d'hôtes mais sans hôtes.

    Tu n'aurais pas 2 centreon engine qui tourne en parallèle ?

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  • DanielB
    still a bug

    Hi, i have just run into this issue, using centreon 2.5.1. It is still a bug. It can be seen in the notification-preview (Configuration->Users->View contact notifications). I have applied the patch, and the files are created correctly. The preview ist still incorrect. Best regards, Daniel

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  • Escalations on Service groups linked to Host group services

    Hi All,

    I started using Centreon when it was still called Oreon. I like it! Just a few weeks ago I started a new implementation of Centreon. As I wanted to use a different configuration than I did before I looked into the Notification/Escalation configuration. I wanted to use an escalation model based on Service Groups that are linked to Host Group Services.

    Unfortunatly I noticed the escalation was not taking place. I tracked it down to genEscalation.php as the escalation.cfg was not containing the expected lines.
    When examining the SQL Queries, I think I found the problem. It did not query for service groups linked to host group services. I changed the query and voilá, it worked.

    I attached a patch file for my changes. Perhaps someone can take a look at it to include it in a next release? Otherwise, people can perhaps use the patch if they run into the same problem.
    If you have comments/questions on the patch, please let me know.

    Floris Jan
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