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Graphs - Split components in groups

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  • Graphs - Split components in groups

    Would be possible to create a similar graph like this one?

    I have the follow performance data returned by my command:

    OK - signal=-64 signalchain0=-70 signalchain1=-64 noise=-104 ccq=91% airmaxquality=0% airmaxcapacity=0% txrate=130 rxrate=78 |'signal'=-64;;;-100;0'signalchain0'=-70;;;-100;0'signalchain1'=-64;;;-100;0'noise'=-104;;;-100;0'ccq'=91%;;;;'airmaxquality'=0%;;;;'airmaxcap acity'=0%;;;;'txrate'=130;;;0;270'rxrate'=78;;;0;2 70

    I need split the components in group
    group1 (signal, signalchain0, signalchain1, noise)
    group2 (ccq, airmaxquality, airmaxcapacity)
    group3 (txrate, rxrate)

    I'm just looked at the option split components but it splits all components one by one. I need split in groups like the picture above.
    One graph each group you know. Is that possible?

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    You need to create 1 service per "group" to display only needed curbes on a graph
    Centreon Syslog Module Manager/Developper
    Centreon E2S Module Manager/Developper
    Centreon Enterprise Server (2.x / 3.x) : Centreon Engine 1.3.x / 1.4.x, Centreon Broker 2.6.x / 2.8.x , Centreon 2.x, Centreon-Syslog 1.5.x, Centreon E2S 2.0
    Nagios 3.x et NDOutil 1.x


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      That kind of service needs ssh access (slow response compared to snmp). Maybe a service per group will last a little longer that necessary.