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Problem with files generation

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  • Problem with files generation


    I use a CES installed from the iso. CentOs 5.10 (final).
    The Centreon is a 2.5.0 and the centreon-engine is "centreon-engine-1.3.7-1.el5.centos".
    If I try to generate the files for the centreon-engine, it creates the files in /usr/share/centreon/filesGeneration/nagiosCFG/1/
    But there is no debug information (even if I check the box) in the GUI and the progress bar shows 100% and is green.
    For example:
    -rw-rwxr-- 1 centreon centreon 4214 13. Aug 08:29 centengine.cfg

    If I check the "Move Export Files", it hangs at 50% with a orange progress bar. In /etc/centreon-engine/ are still the old files.
    for example:
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 centreon-engine centreon-engine 4214 15. Jul 21:07 centengine.cfg

    It first works well, but with the migration of the configuration from the "old centreon" (I imported the generated files from my Centreon 2.2.2 with a nagios core 3.2.2 and used the "Monitoring Engine configuration upload" . Since then the generation of the files hangs at this point. I dont moves the files.

    I checked the permission. The apache, centreon and centreon-engine have still permission to all directories and files (I didn't changed it).

    How can I fix or debug this issue?

    Thank in advance!

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    I got some news. If I only check the "Move Export Files", the system moves the files. The only thing, that is not working is "Run monitoring engine debug (-v)". Maybe someone have some tipps to debug this problem.