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Upgrade to 2.5.4 issue with distributed pollers

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  • Upgrade to 2.5.4 issue with distributed pollers

    After I upgraded to 2.5.4 all of my distributed pollers are not getting configuration updates. The files are not being transferred to them.

    Anyone else? Ideas?

    Looking at tcpdump while generating the config for a remote poller, it doesn't even attempt to create an SSH session to the remote poller to copy files.

    The output shows:
    Preparing environment... OK
    Generating files... OK
    Moving files... OK
    Restarting engine... OK
    Executing command... OK

    But that's NOT correct!! It does not move files to the remote poller, and it does NOT restart the engine!

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    I updated all my pollers(8 pollers) to 2.5.4 and I never got any problems.
    Did you check your centreon-engine log files on the Central ?
    Did you check /var/log/centreon-broker/poller-module.log on the Poller ?

    Hope this help.


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      nothing in the logs at all. I do see centcore is NOT running on the central and I don't see why.


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        OK fixed it seems. The upgrade totally erased all the values in my /etc/centreon/ file