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New centreon graphs not automagically being created

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  • New centreon graphs not automagically being created

    I'm running Centreon 2.5.4 / Centreon Enterprise Server and I am seeing a problem when adding services:

    * Add new service to host
    * Export,Move, Reload Centreon
    * New services are checked, performance data is flowing, but no graph is being generated

    I find that restarting all services or rebooting the server causes the new graphs to show up, but that is not a good practice and I don't think it is necessary and within 5 minutes of the reboot, if I create another service, the graphs don't show up.

    Existing graphs are still updated.

    What service is responsible for 1st time creation of graphs? I found a few log messages, but searching the forum and google seemed to indicate they were not a problem so I won't post them all.

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    I've found that after reloading cbd and centcore will start the graph creation. This is on the CES installation - why does reloading centengine not also reload cbd and centcore if that is required for graphs to start?


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      i too have this problem,

      how do i fix it ?