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BUG ? Creating a new hostgroup removes service specific scheduled downtime

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  • BUG ? Creating a new hostgroup removes service specific scheduled downtime

    Running CES 3.0 from CD Installer.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Configuration -> Services -> Downtimes

    Add downtime & description
    Schedule period (I scheduled two periods 7 days a week for each 23:20 - 23:59 & 00:00 - 07:30)
    Relations tab -> Linked with Services -> select services from 2 servers

    DB Entries are created in downtime, downtime_period, and downtime_service_relation tables.

    Downtime scheduler works until I need to add a new hostgroup. As soon as I add a hostgroup, the entries in downtime_service_relation are removed. All other DB entries remain (downtime, downtime_period tables).

    Attempt to re-add removed downtime:
    Configuration -> Services -> Downtimes

    Add with same name - Centreon refuses to add because a downtime already exists with that name - however - no entry shows in the web GUI because the downtime_service_relation entry is missing. I must go into the DB and remove the downtime and downtime_period table entries for the entry before I can re-add the downtime.

    I found this by creating a trigger and notification anytime one of those tables was modified and correlating that with actions I was taking in the web GUI.

    I assume this is a bug so I have questions:

    1.) where do I file a bug report?
    2.) What information or additional logging would Centreon like in order to research the bug?

    If this is not a bug, is it considered a feature? Am I clicking my mouse wrong?