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how to write the names of the counters

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  • how to write the names of the counters

    good day Colleagues,

    i have centreon system 2.6.1
    I want to see some performance counters windows server.
    to collect data I assume using NSClient++ on the windows server side and the check_nt plugin on the centreon
    collected titles that interest me counters and verified that getting the value from the command line.

    for example:
    :~# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nt -H ххххх -v COUNTER -p 12489 -s ххххх -l "\LogicalDisk(C:)\% Idle Time"
    but i not undestend how right counter name on Args.
    i probably dobles of quotes, use double slashes doesn't help.

    my final configuration file contains entries of the form
    define service{
    host_name 1C
    service_description test
    _SERVICE_ID 86
    use generic-service
    check_command check_centreon_nt_counter!"\Server\Logon Total"
    stalking_options o

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    In Centreon, had simple quote arround your macro definition in command line and for the service definition encapsulate value by double quote.
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