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Inefficient session management (Oreon 1.3.1-1)

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  • Inefficient session management (Oreon 1.3.1-1)

    We use custom session handling to put the Oreon sessiondata in a database instead of on the filesystem. I noticed that almost all of my configs are put into the session, resulting in more than 100KB of session data for just 25 hosts and a few services. I can't see a reason to put Oreon config data in the session as it is already in the Oreon database.

    I ran into problems after adding a few hosts because I could not log in any more. Finally I found out this was because my sessions table expects session data not to exceed 16KB (and for true session data that should be enough), and with the added hosts the session data became too fat. Rebuilding the session table with the data field defined as a medium text fixed the job but I think this is ugly.

    Is there a good reason to put Oreon config data in the session? I don't want to think about having configs for several thousands of hosts and services in the sessiondata.

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    For performance maybe :idea: Less request to do :idea:

    A developper could probably explain this.
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      we have remove that : now only some informations are in session : nagios.cfg - oreon cfg.. and user cfg
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