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recurring scheduled downtimes?

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  • recurring scheduled downtimes?

    Hey folks,

    been into nagios for two days already I found oreon and fell in love with it .
    best feature was that I could reimport my previous nagios config which worked in most parts.

    what I'm missing (which wasn't in nagios either) is the possibility of recurring scheduled downtimes.
    e.g. I have a host which restarts its service each day at around 10 a.m. but I don't want to get notifications about that time over and over again.
    For nagios there are a couple of plugins which should allow this with adding a scheduled downtime through external commands each day.

    Anything like this planned for Oreon or is there a way I can do this currently already?



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    Hi Thomas,

    I think is not possible for now to schedule a recurrent downtime for different days. The only way I could manage to avoid that kind of alerts is rechecking more than once the service. I asume the service would not be down for more than 3 minutes after restarting it, so if a second check reveals that the service is down, the alert is correct for me then.

    Anyway, your requirement is quite good. Open a ticket in

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