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  • How to contribute to the project?


    let me first introduce myself:

    I'm from Germany and working for a IT-company. A lot of our customers are using Nagios to do IT-monitoring. I'm a heavy Gentoo users and I'm very interested into getting Centreon that far, that it can be easily packaged by distributors to deliver it with distributions like Gentoo, Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat etc. (currently there are still some issues avoiding this).
    I've discovered Oreon/Centreon nearly a year ago and fell instantly in love with it because of it's nice features.
    But then I've discovered a lot of things that could be improved and started thinking about ways how to do this. I wrote several patches and used them for myself but couldn't contribute them back to Centreon, because the speed of development made my changes invalid faster than I managed to update my patches (1 or 2 of them made it into the bugtracker).
    So now I'm looking for a way to contribute more efficient to the official Centreon. Putting them on the bugtracker doesn't really help, because often development changes things that fast, that the patch becomes invalid and isn't usable any more.

    Is there a way how you developers communicate? Is there a development mailinglist or an internal IRC channel (the official one at seems to be rather dead)?

    As I have a lot of ideas how to change and fix things, I'd really like to hear how I could contribute.

    I've contacted Julien multiple times but didn't receive an answer yet, I suppose he's currently not at home (probably he's at summer holidays?).

    Maybe someone of the other developers want's to contact me to have a little talk about my ideas and goals.

    You can reach me via:
    - e-Mail: [email protected]
    - Jabber 1: [email protected]
    - Jabber 2: [email protected]
    - ICQ: 68850289 (not always online, just write me a offl. msg)
    - PM via this forum

    Regards, Elias P.
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    Good evening Eliasp,

    Thanks for your interest, we have plenty things to do this week, but I'll contact you on wednesday. I'll explain you how we works, the roadmap of the project and the way to contribute.

    Romain Le Merlus
    Centreon Forge