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Problem with some hosts

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  • Problem with some hosts

    Guys, i have a problem(oh really?)

    let me try to explain so maybe u guys can help me out

    i installed nagios 2.9+oreon, and I added some hosts with some services in my network and it worked just fine...

    ok, so far so good...

    but later i added some other hosts and they just didnt appear to me at nagios, and appear at oreon... if I go at service problems or host details, they simply dont show, even with services pending...
    but if i go scheduling queue i see all the hosts i have added, but i dont have permission to re-schedule or immediate check them. and i receive alerts from those hosts on my email, but i need them to appear at nagios... someone had this problem or know how to solve this issue??

    if you guys can help me out i would be very very grateful...
    thanks in advance

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    Not sure, but... have you generated the nagios files after modifications? :-?