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Problem with the monitoring panel

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  • Problem with the monitoring panel

    Hi all!

    I have a problem with the monitoring list.

    This is my situation:
    My plugin, performs its check, then produces a log file and returns a string in this form :

    <a href="/logs/mylog.log">CRITICAL STATUS MESSAGE</a>

    so that the user can download the file containing some useful information.

    The first time I load the page, everything works. As soon as the page refreshes (or as soon as I click the refresh icon) I the following behaviour:
    • with Firefox: The status information column becames empty
    • With Internet Explorer: In the status information column I see a 'null' string

    If I look through the page source, I see my string (<a href"......)

    Do you know any workaround? I really need to show the link so that the user can download the file...

    Many thanks in advance,
    Massimiliano Ziccardi

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    Problem solved - Here is the solution

    Finally I've solved the problem. I'm quite disappointed, 'couse, after 2 months, NO-ONE did even try to help me (no people, no centreon developer).

    The problem was in the file ajaxMonitoring.js: the Javascript read the value of the element containing the plugin_output with the following code:


    But, if the output of the plugin is a link, the line.getElementsByTagName("plugin_output")[0] is not the plugin output, but is the <A> tag.

    Attached you'll find the fixed JAVASCRIPT (just unzip it).
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      GG !!!

      Hope developper will be interested to integrate this modifications for next release of centreon.
      Then it'll not be necessary to modify this piece of code a second time.
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        Could you open a bug request on ?

        Thanks for this contrib
        Centreon 2.x


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          The bug is the FS#457.

          I've been away for a while, so I couldn't do it before.

          Attached you'll find an updated ajaxMonitoring.js that fixes a problem with Internet explorer.

          Massimiliano Ziccardi
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            It's ok on I think...
            Julien Mathis
            Centreon Project Leader