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  • Permissions Question

    I have added this to the bug tracker/feature request thing, but I thought I would ask here if this is something that will be added, or if I am missing how it is done.

    In the base install of Nagios you were able to set it so that users only were able to see hosts/services they were contacts for. Any chance of this being added into Oreon?

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    In configuration->LCA, you can define what your user can see. By now, it's just the host. Is that you want ?
    Romain Le Merlus
    Centreon Forge


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      I don't see a way in LCA to just specify hosts.

      What I would like to do is have a user/group only to be able to see that which they are the contacts for. If they aren't a contact for a hosts or a service they would have an empty display.

      This works well for us with Nagios now so that everyone doesn't have to see all 300+ hosts and 1200+ services, they only see what they are responsible for.