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ACL resource issues - Same access as admin

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  • ACL resource issues - Same access as admin


    I am trying to accomplish something simple in theory, but it is proving somewhat difficult. This is for a customer's Centreon monitoring server.

    I am trying to create an access group that can see and monitor everything that an administrator can, just without privileges to change configurations and such. I have created an access group called "AG_All" that has the users (linked contacts) I want to be able to see everything. I have also created the resource access "RA_All" which is linked to the group "AG_All".

    All of the servers they are monitoring are listed in this resource access group; not a single server has been left out. I have ensured that under "Service Category Filter", the options "Disk", "Memory", "Ping" and "Traffic" are on the left side, and those filters are not being applied. I've tried reloading the ACL and restarting Nagios / Centreon to no avail.

    I'm thinking my only option is to hack the database. Is there anything else I can check for before I start messing with database tables?

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    First, check if your user isn't admin,
    Sec, Check if you dont find your user or one of your user's group in "Access Groups"

    this query could help you to debug ACL :
    SELECT host_name, service_description, acl_group_name
    FROM `centstatus`.`centreon_acl`, `centreon`.`acl_groups`
    WHERE `centreon`.`acl_groups`.`acl_group_id` = `centstatus`.`centreon_acl`.`group_id`;

    PS : what's your centreon version?
    Bi Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.06GHz - 3Gb ram
    Nagios® Core™ Version 3.2.1 - Nagios Plugins 1.4.14 - NDO 1.4b9 patché
    Centreon 2.3.4 - Syslog Module 1.3.2 - StatusMap Module 2.5 - NDO Tools Module 0.4 SVN - Nagvis
    Beta tester : centreon-engine - centreon-broker