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  • Check_graph_Ping or any other

    Guys, i have some trobles in this plug ins, maybe can anyone help me?

    1 - Fris problem: when i configure service in service configuration i put:

    Check_command : check_graph_ping
    Check_command_arguments : -H -g

    or just Check_command_arguments : -g.

    When i generate the nagios files, i get a error

    Error: Service check command 'check_graph_ping-g' specified in service 'Grafico' for host 'india' not defined anywhere!

    So, the generate dont do the "space" betwen the comand(check_graph_ping) and the argument (-g).

    2 Second, i change the services.cfg manualy, now ok, works fine, i put in file Check_command : check_graph_ping -g and oreon crate 2.rdd in /usr/local/oreon/rrd/ but, when i click om monitor > graph service > graph link, the graph dont populate, still full clear every time.. i will post a screen:

    i alread wait more than 2 hours, and when i do the command in prompt line, the return is OK:
    [[email protected] rrd]# /usr/local/nagios/libexec/ -H -g
    GPING OK - rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.056/0.056/0.056/0.000 ms, pipe 2

    please healp me? =(

    so, what i can do? =(

    i like to thanks to DonkiShoot, he help me in some tings, REALY TKS MAN
    Linux 2.6.16-1.2115_FC4
    Nagios 1.4
    Nagios Plugins 1.4
    Oreon 1.3 RC1 / StatusMap

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    Hi Sergio,

    did you read wiki ?
    StatusMap Module - NDO Tools Module - ImportCSV Module - SNMP-UI Module - PDFReports Module
    Dons Paypal