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    Dear all,

    I would like to thank's all who made this project, it's very usefull.

    I'v Allready created the hosts, hostgroups, contacts, contactgroups with oreon, and generate the files.
    For example a hostgroup "windows" associated to one windows host "dbs01" and when i try to add a service, the first 3 fields are Hostgroup name, Host name and description, the thing is, when i select the Hostgroup name "windows", the second field don't show any records (the hosts configured in this hostgroup), if i don't select a hostgroup at all, i can see all configured hosts in the second field.
    I'v been searching in the configs and mysql DB and i found that the hostgroups members are only in the hostgroups.cfg doesn't they should be in hostgroups table on the oreon's mysql db ?
    I can't add any services because off this dependencies, what can i do ?

    define hostgroup{
    hostgroup_name windows
    alias Windows Servers
    contact_groups geral
    members dbs01

    define host{
    host_name dbs01
    alias Database Server 01
    check_command check_host_alive
    max_check_attempts 10
    checks_enabled 1
    low_flap_threshold 0
    high_flap_threshold 0
    notification_interval 480
    notification_period 24x7
    notification_options d,u,r
    notifications_enabled 1
    stalking_options o,d,u

    Thanks in advance,
    Hugo Soares

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    Good afternoon,

    In your release, you can attribute the service to a Host or a HostGroup, not both. When you select a Hostgroup, it is just an emulation, it will be just apply to all Host of the hostGroup. I mean that when you'll add a new Host to this HostGroup after, it won't heritate of the service...

    This problem is resolve in the next 1.3, you can attribute a Service to x Hosts or x HostGroups, and the Service are well attributed to this resource after !
    Romain Le Merlus
    Centreon Forge


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      Tks for the help.